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 Crappie Instincts Learn Them and you will succeed!

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PostSubject: Crappie Instincts Learn Them and you will succeed!   Mon Apr 14, 2008 3:40 pm

Learn Crappie Instincts And You Will Succeed!

In the last 100 years a lot of things have changed. Computers…the Internet…Television….and the list goes on. But human instincts are the same now as they were a thousand years ago. Our instincts create our power to succeed or fail, and these same instincts are true when we crappie fish.

Crappie are just us they have inherited instincts just like us and they never change. They still swim around in schools, eating the same their ancestors did years ago. So some things just do not change. Knowing just a few of these basics instincts that drive crappie’s habits will give you a huge advantage over other fisherman.

Fishing Habits
Crappies are not bottom feeders, and they are not top feeders either. They are more like “middle feeders” .
Crappies are predators , and their crappie instinct is to school and hunt in packs. They school were there is cover and structure. Their crappie instinct to hide in cove allows them to hide from there prey and strike without being seen. This method also allows them to hide from larger predators.

You have to remember threat crappie are not stupid. If they cans see you they know the meal you have waiting for them will cost them your life. Try to be as invisible as possible when you are fishing. If crappie see enough of the brothers and sisters getting pulled of the water by your “big red lure” they will eventually figure out it is not something they want eat. Don’t be afraid to switch baits if the crappie bite begins to slow.
Weather Conditions
Barometric pressure is not exactly a crappie instinct, but it does effect crappie and it is a good indicator when deciding what and how to present your bait.

Barometric tells you how heavy the air is over your location. The lower the reading ,the heavier the air. Two things cause heavy air: Moisture and temperature. So, the colder (and more moist) the air is, the more it weighs.

Crappie have to deal with the weight of the air on the top of the weight of the water. Heavy weight makes him move slower and also him more sluggish.

Keep track of the barometric pressure and where you find the crappie …. And how you catch the crappie. You’ll notice how things change depending on the barometric pressure.

You can make adjustments depending on the conditions. Fish will move slower when its cold and so should your “jig”

You can also make adjustments when they’re move faster . The nice thing about “live bait” is that it is self-adjusting.

Well Folks I hope the information on crappie instincts will help you catch your limit! GOOD LUCK!

Mark Fleagle Author A well respected fishing enthusiast with 30+ years of fishing experience,who has published many fishing articles. Mark has been a online presence for fishing resources for going on 4 years. my site: Get your free copy of "78 Fishing Discoveries Unleashed". http://www.oldfishinghole.com
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Crappie Instincts Learn Them and you will succeed!
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