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 Sewad, AK Halibut update

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PostSubject: Sewad, AK Halibut update   Sun Jun 01, 2008 4:25 pm

I had the pleasure of taking some fine people that were from Poland out Halibut fishing this past Friday. Water and weather conditions were spectacular. On the way out we discussed how much fish they wanted to come home with. They actually were more interested in catching and releasing, and only keeping one chicken sized Halibut to eat for dinner that night.

Well the fish gods smiled on these gentlemen. We were able to fish in less than 70' of water and had fish on very frequently.
The 1st fish was about 125lbs and was easily released after some surface pictures were taken. The next was a perfect 25lb chicken Halibut. We continued to fish about another 3 hrs and hooked and released about another 20 fish in the 25-60lb range.

Then the last fish took a bite on the hook and started taking line. It was too about a 125lb fish, but had a attitude. Even though we were shallow water fishing it took about 25 minutes to get to the surface. One of the guys reeled for about 15 min and then handed the rod to another one of them. After a few photos this fish too was gently released. This day was a great test for my new AVET EX 30/2 reels. They worked flawlessly, and we even had to use low speed to help these guys out. I think was some of the hardest things they had ever done.

These reels along with the Seeker Rods Alaska series make a awesome bottom fish setup. And I do not even get paid to say it.

The sea conditions have come up for the next few days. A little on the nautical side, they showed their face yesterday, but the guys that went out caught lots of nice fish. Very Happy
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Sewad, AK Halibut update
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