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 100 FOW Fish At Last

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Capt. Ron

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PostSubject: 100 FOW Fish At Last   Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:12 am

June 22 Fishing Report

We fished every day this past week with good action and results, producing chinook salmon, coho salmon, steelhead and lake trout. We expect the fish to set up in the 100 to 120 foot range, and everyday we set up in 90 foot and work out to 200 foot. Until the end of the week, the only consistent fishing was in the 170 to 190 foot range. The last couple of days produced some very nice salmon and lake trout in the expected 120 foot area. We caught salmon that pushed 16 pounds and the lake trout average about 8 pounds.

The best method continues to be 100 foot, 200 foot and to some extent 300 foot of copper with small stingers (Orange Corey, Craig’s Christmas) and Stingray (Natural Born Killer, Green Dolphin). The Slide Divers produced with 140 foot of braid and 100 foot of wire with Mountain Dew Pro Chip and Blue Bubble Pro Chip flashers and the Rampage Blue Hypnotist and Green Hypnotist flies. Downriggers where not very productive, however the best lures where the Dolphin Stingray lures (when they produced). There were days early in the week when 3 color lead core produced some nice steelhead with any lure that had orange on it.

We noticed that the down temperature is beginning to warm up, which should mean that we will see some thermal stratification begin to occur in 7 to 10 days is be do not get an extended blow. Check back to see if the salmon continue to stack in the 100 foot range. For information or charter reservations email captron@chartermichigan.com.
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100 FOW Fish At Last
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