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 Wonderful Success in Southeast Louisiana

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Fishing Magician

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PostSubject: Wonderful Success in Southeast Louisiana   Sat Jul 05, 2008 10:33 pm

Fishing Magician ChartersTwo Day Report
For the 4th of July I finished my second day with Steve Prestenberg, his two kids: Kris, Chad, and friends. It turned out to be another good day of fishing for big fish. They caught more big reds than they knew what to do with. They had a blast.

Capt. Lester had the pleasure of fishing with Matthew Lewis and his guests. They wanted to do the opposite of Steve and his group. They wanted to catch smaller reds. So, they went into the Biloxi Marsh and caught their limit of reds. They also had a blast!

Capt. Dane ran my other group. His group limited out by catching 50 speckled trout in the 12" - 18" range.

Today, I had the pleasure of fishing with Acker Smith and his group. These guys come down every year to fish BIG REDS. It turned out to be another great day of fishing with Acker. The fish are a blast to catch, but they are hard on the rods and reels. I had two reels justed ripped off of the rods. These 40 - 50 reds just don't give up. They are solid muscle and a blast to catch.

Capt. Jason had the pleasure of taking out Ron and his friends. Ron has a WONDERFUL wife! She treated him to a trip for Father's Day. They ended the day with 80 speckled trout in the 12 - 18" range. This group also had a blast.

All fish were caught 2' under a popping cork and Carolina Rig on the bottom, using Campo's live shrimp and croakers.

If you want to catch some fish and have some fun, Fishing Magician Charters is the one. Give us a call to book a great day on the water. This is the ideal time to make sure your little ones catch fish too.

Capt. Johnny Nunez
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Wonderful Success in Southeast Louisiana
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