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 Re: Susquehanna River 8/9/2008

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PostSubject: Re: Susquehanna River 8/9/2008   Sat Aug 09, 2008 10:49 am

I fished with Craig, Paul, And Cristian from Allentown today. Craig had to go to work in the morning so we didn't get started till about 1pm. Paul's getting married next month and his buddies were treating him to a fishing trip for the start of his bachelor party weekend. It rained for the first 20 minuets and then cleared into a really nice day with sun and a cool breeze. Water temp was 75, stained and the fish were all over, some shallow some in deeper water. We caught 70+ fish with some good quality smallies but nothing huge. At one point I told Craig to throw at a fish I saw swirl and it hit as soon as his bait hit the water. When he set the hook his line broke at the spool, it must have caught the line keeper on the spool. As he stood there with that look you get when something like that happens, Paul threw into the same spot, Bang another bite, he gets the fish in and it had Craig's bait with about 20 feet of line attached to it, and his bait jammed in his mouth. Talk about an aggressive fish. All in all it was a great way to start a last chance weekend before getting married, Nice day, lots of fish, Good company. Here's a pic of the fish with the two baits in his mouth, it's kinda hard to see but they are both holding their line. Way to save me a jig guys. lol
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Re: Susquehanna River 8/9/2008
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