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 SusquehannaRiver V.S. National Gaurd

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PostSubject: SusquehannaRiver V.S. National Gaurd   Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:14 am

I took out some of our hard working military boys yesterday. Three helicopter technicians from the Army National Guard out of Missouri. They will be deployed to Irac sometime next month so keep them in your prayers.
We started close to the ramp as it was 17 degrees, third cast by Sgt Shaver produced a nice 19" cold but feisty chunk which was a great way to start the day. 4 more, all over 17 , lots of hot coffee and some pb&js were on the agenda before making the ice run I had planned . We arrived at our final destination and preceded to boat another 23 solid Susquehanna Bronzebacks none under 15" and 3 Wally's one pushing 21" by working a Mike's 3/8oz shakey head B n R rigged with a 2.5" beaver also B n R. These guys picked up the technique quickly and by the end of the day had it down which was good because it was a tough conditions kind of day. Water 44, Air 32- 40 Muddy, Falling water (a foot while we were out there), slow presentation, and not allot of fishable water didn't deter these fine young men at all, and if you ask me they kicked the rivers ass!!

6 Turkey sandwiches, 3 Cokes, 4 Red bulls, 6 beers, pack of smokes, and at least 3 tins of Copenhagen long cut were consumed on this cold yet fun day. Give it up for our boys in green!!
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SusquehannaRiver V.S. National Gaurd
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