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 11 in Pro Trolls in Saugatuck

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PostSubject: 11 in Pro Trolls in Saugatuck   Sun Jun 17, 2012 7:13 am

What a change from one day to the next, as far as lures and number of fish on, are concerned. On Friday we fished in 100 foot of water and caught 6 fish but had better than 20 fish on. The best baits were 11 in white or glow bladed Pro Chip flashers ( glow,slick, mountain dew or any combination as long as the blade was white or glow) with Rapture hypnotist flies (green or green glow). We ran these on the downriggers at 70 to 100 foot down and on the wire dipsy divers at 150 foot and 200 foot. We also had fish on 150 and 200 copper with regular size stingers (fruit cocktail, craigs xmas, orange corey and NBK). So we caught fish in the top 40 foot and in the bottom 20 foot but the best presentations were 11 in flashers.

On Saturday we went out and fished the same 100 foot depth and the fish had disappeared form that the depth. We trolled out to 140 foot without much success and then into 80 foot. This is we found the bait and we did catch 7 fish but only had 10 hits. In this depth we had to pound bottom with metal flashers and spin n glows to get some lake trout in the mid teens. We did take some chinook salmon on 300 and 200 copper with magnum stingers and stingrays (green dolphin, NBK and mixed veggie). What a change from one day to another regular stingers and 11 in flashers on one day and magnum stingers and metal flashers the next. The fish are good size with chinook salmon going mid to high teens and the lake trout 10 to 12 pounds and an occasional steelhead up to 10 pounds.

Perch fishing has been very good with some limits of 8 to 14 in perch being taken in 60 to 75 foot of water off the ball. The best method is drifting for the perch if the weather permits with minnows and spikes.

For fishing information or to reserve a charter, email me at captron@chartermichigan.com.

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11 in Pro Trolls in Saugatuck
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