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 Ace Hi Plugs for salmon in Saugtuck

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PostSubject: Ace Hi Plugs for salmon in Saugtuck   Mon Sep 03, 2012 3:29 pm

The salmon are still staged in the 80 to 100 foot depth, however there are a few salmon being caught from 40 to 60 foot of water. With the strong east winds last weekend, we were limited to trolling east and west which limits the time you can fish in the staging area. Boats took any where from 8 to 20 fish with the majority of the creel make up of salmon. In that 80 foot depth, the temperature broke at about 50 foot and dropped from 57 to 47 degrees and then 41 degrees on the bottom.

The 150, 200 and 300 copper produced very well with Ace Hi plugs (green glow, green glow black ladder back, green splatterback, pear black dot and pearl pink dot) on all of them. On the downriggers and dipsy divers we ran the following Pro Troll flashers (11 in white fishscale, 8 in. chrome, 8 in. white mnt. dew, 8 in white dble glow) with Rapture flies (oceana UV, wild fern, green no see um and white pine) pulled behind them respectively. Downriggers were run from 50 to 80 foot and the dipsy divers had 100 and 150 foot of wire line out.

For more information or charter reservations email me at captron@chartermichigan.com
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Ace Hi Plugs for salmon in Saugtuck
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