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 Cool water and salmon are back in front the piers in Saugatuck

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PostSubject: Cool water and salmon are back in front the piers in Saugatuck   Mon Sep 16, 2013 7:56 am

This week produced good fishing back in front the piers with 8 to 15 fish per trip. After the water warmed up a week ago, north and northeast winds dropped the water temperature back into the high 40’s and the salmon moved into the river water again. The salmon, this weekend appeared to be a little smaller than last week with most running from 12 to 17 pounds and a few of the 8 pound 3 year old early running males showing up in the catch.

Ace Hi plugs (any glow or silver/green and silver/red) run on flat lines, 2 and 3 color lead core, 30 foot copper, down riggers and dipsy divers produced very well. We also took some salmon on the dipsy diver with silver/mountain dew Pro Troll and Rapture last supper flies. The Nitro glow Area 51 Stingray also produced about 4 salmon and multiple hits on a 2 color lead core.

How long this run will last is unknown, however as long as the water stays cold there should be some salmon staging in front for the run up the river. Even with warm water, there still are salmon, steelhead and lake trout out in the deeper water—you just have to do some searching. For more information or charter reservation, contact me by email at captron@chartermichigan.com.
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Cool water and salmon are back in front the piers in Saugatuck
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