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 Cold weather fishing in May in Saugatuck

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PostSubject: Cold weather fishing in May in Saugatuck   Sun May 18, 2014 8:59 am

Saturday was a big change from a week ago when we were fishing brown trout on the beach. Saturday we started fishing in 40 to 50 foot of water and ended up in 100 to 130 foot of water. The day started with frost on the boat and air temperature in the low 30ís with a cool breeze, however, when we broke through the piers we saw 50 to 75 boats already braving the conditions. There were two tournaments being run and fishing conditions could be called crowded at best. After catching a couple of fish in the 40 foot depth, we decided to get away from the crowd and moved out to 60 to 70 foot of water and then out to the 100 foot + depth. The temperature of the water on the surface was 41 degrees and on the bottom in 100 foot the temperature was 40 degrees, so the fish are scattered throughout the water column. During the day we caught 16 fish, consisting of 5 Chinook salmon, 1 steelhead and 10 lake trout. A couple of the salmon weighed in 12 to 14 pounds and one of the lake trout pushed 14 pounds.

We fished from the surface with 2 and 3 color lead core line to the bottom with the downriggers (with flashers and spin n glows), to whole water column with copper line and dipsy divers. The best lures were Stingray stingers and regular size stingers on the copper and lead core lines and on the dipsy divers.

Although the fishing was very good (although cold), I am concerned that I saw no bait in the area and without bait, the fish will move. There has to be bait close, since the fish are good size and healthy. As the water warms, I think the bait will begin to move in. For more information about the fishing conditions or to book a fishing charter, contact me at captron@chartermichigan.com.

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Cold weather fishing in May in Saugatuck
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