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 High winds changes fishing conditions in Saugatuck

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High winds changes fishing conditions in Saugatuck Empty
PostSubject: High winds changes fishing conditions in Saugatuck   High winds changes fishing conditions in Saugatuck Icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2015 8:26 am

Aug. 24, Fishing Report

The two day hard blow out of the southwest, changed the fishing dramatically this past week. Monday and Tuesday we were catching 20% Lake Trout and 80% salmon and steelhead with a good themocline at 50 foot. Then the wind blew 35 mile per hour from the southwest for two days and when we got out on Friday, we found 71 degree water from the surface down to 110 foot. Needless to say the fishing changed dramatically with fish coming 100 to 140 foot down in 150 foot of water. Fish are still being caught; however we are back to mostly lake trout.

The copper lines, (300 ft., 350 ft. and 450 ft) did produce some nice salmon with silver, mixed veggie and blue bubble flashers and Rapture Oceana and green Hypnotist flies. Early in the week we ran the high divers and 170 foot out and low divers at 120 foot out but by the end we ran them at 350 and 250 foot out. Behind the divers we ran the chrome/mountain dew, all chrome and white/slick flashers with Rapture No See Um flies with yellow beads and white beads. Down riggers were run from 50 foot to 150 foot down with dodgers or flashers and spin n glos. Early in the morning we did find that the 11 in. Pro Troll flasher (glow blade and UV tape) with a UV No See Um fly did well taking 2 to 3 salmon each day.

With it blowing again today with 5 to 8 foot waves and the forecast for 4 to 7 foot waves tomorrow, we will probably not be fishing again until Wednesday. For more information or to make a charter reservation, email me at captron@chartermichigan.com.
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High winds changes fishing conditions in Saugatuck
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